• Trade school would be a better choice.
  • How to take care of yourself including how to cook, clean, do laundry, drive, go to bed on time so you get plenty of sleep, how to study, how to show up on time, how to take notes, how to listen...
    • Moving Violation
      Excellent one other thing is how to drink beer March 20 2022
  • #1 - How you perform will affect the rest of your life. Take it VERY seriously - like a competition, but the top performers are likely to be the only ones who have successful careers. Make it your most important mission to excel in your field(s) of study. Do NOT get sidetracked by sex, booze or anything else that might interfere with the mission. *** #2 - Do NOT settle for a Bachelor's degree, no matter what field of study you are in. At LEAST get a Master's, preferably get a Doctorate. Exception: certain high-paying professions in which special tests or schooling are required, such as lawyer or actuary.
  • You need to know what you are getting yourself involved in because a place like college requires a lot of brain power. I’m sure college can be stressful for some people but it depends if your brain is able to process all the information in a particular subject of choice. You need to know how to read and write before going to college because you’re applying the knowledge you have from school days.
  • Know how to cook
  • You may not be the smartest kid in college.

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