• Cities on Flame with Rock 'n' Roll
    • Linda Joy
      How many banjos is that? Is that what you call "Heavy Banjo Music"?
  • I really don't do a "happy dance", but when I'm running late for an appointment, I like to fire up "Foggy Mountain Breakdown".
    • Linda Joy
      Have you seen this:
    • 1465
      Yes. The song is a bluegrass standard. The theme incorporates a few of my likes: Appalachian Mountains, the era of the 1920s / 30s, and moonshine - which takes me to my happy place. LOL
    • Linda Joy
    • 1465
      It's better played with a fiddle accompaniment, though.
  • Here's one of mine:
  • Depends on what type of "happy juice" I've been imbibing. Cheap Bourbon whiskey inspires this kind of music . White lightning brings out the hay stomping red neck in me.
    • 1465
      Rednex is to country music as what Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell are to the Republican Party. And you might want to consider paying a little more for your bourbon. That stump water you're drinking has been pissed on by a few too many squirrels. LOL

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