• When I'm eating veg crisps or chocolate, which is why I end up with a taste of hand gel to go with it eww.
    • Linda Joy
      Mmmmm.... Chocolate!! They should make chocolate hand gel.
    • Creamcrackered
      Oh yes! YES! YES! YES! Don't tease Linda :) That said we may have a viable business opportunity there Linda, partners?
    • Linda Joy
      Its all yours! Run with it!
  • No I don't. In case you are wondering, that is what NAPKINS are for. lol😖
    • Linda Joy
      I use cloth napkins, actually. But most people use disposable. I have disposable items for use in an emergency (they're in my emergency kit) but to not lick your fingers first is a waste of great taste!
  • not while covid is rife unless i have real clean hands
    • Linda Joy
      Especially if you eat out. I eat at home and eat what I cook off the dishes I properly wash and sanitize. And I live alone so my contamination level is low. So is the grossing others out factor.
  • GREAT! That's all we need in here is a bunch of moaners going off. There isn't a single person in here who can say that they don't - unless they carry moistened towelettes in their purses. I'll bet a lot of them have given themselves Salmonella, as well.
    • Linda Joy
      I used to work fast food and full service restaurants. I know the safety of the food can vary from shift to shift! I eat at home, usually alone. And I can moan and purr into my hot cocoa and not have to worry about what anyone thinks! But I can also behave in public on the occasions they do let me out. hahaha
  • rarely. I can't cook. but I only lick my fingers to get rid of something sticky. recently, a taffy apple.

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