• Biogenesis is not a "scientific law". It's not even a theory, which means something quite different in science than in ordinary discourse. It is a hypothesis, a belief. That is not a "law".
      In terms of science, I would not call it a "belief" so much as a scientific proposal or scientifically-based explanation. Otherwise your answer is quite good.
    • Douglas Wade
      A brief history on the law of Bio-genesis. In the Middle Ages most people in Europe believed that rats and flies came garbage, and mice came from stored grain. People saw that there was always rats and flies in the gabage dumps and mice seemed to be in with the stored grain. There was a man named Francesco Redi, and in 1668 placed some garbage in a sterile jar under a screen and watched. What do you think happened? Nothing! The conclusion? Rats and flies came from parent rats and flies. So a new scientific law was put into place. It's called the law of biogenesis. Bio means life and genesis means beginning. Biogenesis is known as one of the most universal laws of science: life comes from life.
    • Victorine
      Douglas, it is not a "law". Please talk to a scientist, a biologist, about this.

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