• My father asked me that when I was about 12. I told him something other than what was on my lips because I knew my family couldn't afford it--a lawyer.
  • Computer programming, and I'd stay at university until I had earned a doctorate. (They didn't even HAVE a computer programming degree in the university I attended...when I started. I could have chosen a different university and earned a degree that would have given me a job with NASA...)
  • "Pretend your 18 years old..." I'd choose to be an English teacher, and teach people the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE.
  • The place to start is to identify your dream job. For me, I'd want (first and foremost) a job that I would either enjoy, or at least not mind doing. I'd want the option to work at home. I'd want a well paying job that would allow me to retire way earlier than age 65. I'd want an 'in-demand' job that allowed me to find work in most foreign countries, in case the need to expat ever arose. Not sure what jobs/careers would meet these requirements, but I suspect using these parameters, one could filter out a load of choices that don't qualify.

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