• a complete overhaul of the site and find some more visitors? the site is pretty boring not many are sticking around.
    • Linda Joy
      I haven't seen many of the regulars here since the YA trolls arrived. I check in from time to time, but don't usually stay and engage like I used to either. I'm trying to avoid negativity while on chemo. There are a few nice people that came from YA too. I hope they stick around after the trolls move on.
    • 11stevo73
      theres nothing here to bother returning to as much as I try this site is boring.
    • Linda Joy
      If people would stop coming here repeatedly just to criticize and complain about the site instead of just moving on.
  • More participants for one thing. Numbers and diversity will always add interest and more interesting questions, too. However, to attract more participants, the site needs some improvements. I think people would appreciate it if both questions and answers were date-and-time stamped, for example, and we should be able to break our answers into paragraphs. A complex question may require a fairly long answer, but people may be put off by a wall of text. Aside from that problem, it's just bad writing. And I think people really do want to be able to choose a best answer to their questions.
  • Chat.😎
    • Linda Joy
      You never chat now. Can you only do that in secret?
  • Having all of the people from the now shut-down Yahoo!Answers move over here would make it more interesting. I am one of those people, by the way.
    • Celifrog
      :) Same
    • Linda Joy
      You need to check your trolls at the door. That's why a lot of regular Abers are no longer active. We used to be a happy little family.
  • I always liked the "best answer" voted on by the asker, which Yahoo! had.
    • Celifrog
      Maybe points would make more people stay around.
    • Charin Cross
      I agree!
    • Linda Joy
      Nothing has changed here in four years. I doubt they'll suddenly do it all now because YA closed. It closed for a reason! You need to IMPROVE from failure not poison another site into closure.
  • allowing us to contact Answerbag with suggestions for starters. You can't contact these people! putting an actual time on when the questions are posted. "a short time ago" doesn't cut it! being able to delete your answer if you change your mind, and we need more people to ask questions. the five people doing it now are not nearly enough. thumbs up and thumbs down. more emojis with negative expressions, best answer awards, points awarded for asking a question. it might incentivize more people to post. I liked helping people with personal issues. only allowing one answer per person. I don't like conversations going on, because it can lead to very contentious language. and letting people know they already answered the question. I've read questions and re-answered them!
    • Victorine
      Yes, you can contact them.
  • You just are not going to get good answers without paying some tip or compensation for it. AB troll. Have them get ahold of me and pay me to fix the number of things wrong with it.
  • Permit the posting of images, instead of the image's URL
  • Payment for good ideas for it comes first.
  • The interface could stand to be revamped. They should pattern it after Yahoo Answers, maybe even use the same interface. Its not like Yahoo will ever use it again.
    • Linda Joy
      Why "pattern it after Yahoo Answers"? They closed, remember?
  • Best answer and being able to choose between thumbs up and thumbs down
  • make it like yahoo answers format ....have a best answer and allow clean pics and videos here but ban any nasty people that attack other uses for their opinions .and ban bullys for good ..there's no place for them online i dont think...
    • Linda Joy
      YA closed for a reason! We don't want to go down that same road!
  • Allow pics to be attached
  • If the people using this site would ask a few questions each we would have a lot more new questions to answer. If people would quit complaining about the site and criticizing it and each other I'd enjoy it a lot more.

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