• because we are trying to save you and the human race from a dangerous mass delusion
    • Arimatthewdavies
      How can you save us from something that you yourself created atheists have boldly made the statement we are the default belief we were here long before any idea of God and religion existed. If that's true someone that did not believe in God created one probably to get money from the masses of people and control them and now you claim you want to save us from what you created sorry but I don't trust you
    • Mcarr
      Arimatthew, that was possibly the stupidest comment I've ever seen
    • Chicagoan
      Oh, believe me - he'll top his own stupid comments soon enough with others that are even MORE inane... just wait, you'll see.
    • Victorine
      The people who dreamed up the idea of gods were not consciously atheists. They were simply trying to explain things they couldn't understand. It made sense to them that thunderstorms, for example, must be caused by angry gods. It was a short step from that idea to the notion that these gods of nature might be propitiated in order to prevent bad things from happening or to cause good things to occur. This happened long enough ago that there was no such thing as money, but you may be sure that once money was invented, the religious became quite adept at getting their hands on it. It wasn't atheists who did that.
  • I have never seen that in real life. Online, in an open forum where everyone is free to post, there's no butting in to private conversations because there are no private conversations. I think you need to learn the difference between a private conversation and a public discussion on the internet.
    • Chicagoan
      Yes, but if he actually did that, how could he possibly whine (again and again) about being a "horribly oppressed Christian"...
  • The phrase is actually BUTT IN. See? We're here largely to educate.
  • Enjoy the ride. You might learn something.
  • They do not. Aren't you supposed to believe that you have been commanded not to lie by your gid?
  • Without a big song and dance if you don't believe in God you're on the side of Satan the devil by default they butt in because they want to ruin the conversation and detract from God because they're on the side of the devil that's just plain and simple as it is
    • Chicagoan
      "if you don't believe in God you're on the side of Satan" Great. Now you've introduced a second silly, imaginary creature into the discussion... maybe you just need a better, more solid education.
    • Victorine
      Atheists don't believe in Satan any more than they believe in a god. The claim that they are on the side of the devil is both ludicrous and childish. I find it quite interesting that we give the religious a pass on the sorts of delusional beliefs that would normally land people in psychiatric facilities.
  • I'm an atheist, but I don't enter conversations that are taking place between other people. I don't know any atheists who do. Now, if you are referring to posts in a forum or a Q&A site's religion category, those posts do not represent private "conversations". Anyone can join in and express an opinion. If you want to HAVE a private conversation, you'll have to use some back channel means of doing it. Email, for example.

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