• For the most part yes.
  • No. all the way.
    • Linda Joy
      I can't trust the government to be the only source of my information. But this does look like another good source of information I should check out.
    • 1465
      I wouldn't trust the NIH if they were the only medical resource in the country. They're a Leftist sell-out organization that funded the China virus.
  • It seems to be quite reliable overall.
  • I prefer to avoid doing medical research online, since it is, indeed, very difficult to know whether the information you find is reliable. However, as medical-information sites go, WebMD is probably among the better examples. I think the Mayo Clinic information is probably even better.
  • I do. With all the calmmering for your attention, read me, etc. I find that WebMD will give me information that is most relevant and to the point. I also trust MAyo Clinic.
  • A good enough place to start research, but not to end it.
  • It's worth consideration. Using it is better than going to a local practitioner who knows little or nothing about what he's treating you for - opting to push medications instead of finding the cause and fixing it. Medications that fall within the class of antihistamines don't fix anything - if they did they would be obsolete after the first dosage. "If you eliminate the cause of a health problem, that problem has no reason to exist." And, "If all of the primary ingredients are made available for its proper function, the body will never engage in making things harmful to itself."
    • Linda Joy
      Antihistamines kept my throat from swelling shut after I accidentally inhaled ant killer pesticide.

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