• Linda, I have Supraventricular Tachycardia where my heart beats fast for any apparent moments ,.I'm sorry you have this...On my dad's side of the Family, his dad ( late paternal grand-dad) had Heart failure and all did his Brothers, my great uncles...So it runs on my dad's side of the Family...So I got be careful
    • Linda Joy
      I've been on metoprolol for ten years because of tachycardia. Weird thing is it first started racing when I was in my late teens when I would play cards. So I just stopped playing cards because it made my heart race for no reason. haha weird how we associate things like this. Anyway because of the side effects of metoprolol I guess I didn't notice the change. She said it could have been going on for a while and was just not picked up until now or it could be the chemo caused it. Anyway I was just looking for some advice. What to look for, how to improve outcome statistics, etc. And realizing my energy might not come back as well as I had hoped after going off the chemo. Ah well, God has a plan and this will help me help others as well so as long as HE keeps piling it on I'll keep asking for the strength to carry it! Are you on metoprolol or something else for your tachycardia?
    • DancesWithWolves
      I been on metoprolol ex 200 mg and it seems not to lower my heart rate that much, how about anyone else?
    • bostjan64
      I used to get fits of tachycardia late at night due to ion imbalance. I took sodium pills for a while and then I had to take potassium pills after that, but mostly just have to monitor it. I was never prescribed metroprolol.

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