• At the moment that is Guinness, and it's in the fridge, now I'm normally not a drinker haven't been for years and wouldn't consider myself now, but you know the stressful situation I'm in, and I just have to get through this lockdown.
    • Linda Joy
      I have a little bag I take to my appointments that has some snack in it to tide me over if I go past lunch, and something to crochet to pass the time and be able to accomplish SOMETHING during the wasted time in waiting rooms. I have some candles, lighters, flashlights, water and extra filters in the closet and paper plates and plastic cups I leave in there for emergencies. After the burn wound left by the breast radiation I have a surplus of bandages and wound care supplies. I need to get more batteries. I'm thinking about getting a hand cranked and/or solar backup for my phone power source. I was thinking about giving up alcohol, but also realize it would be a good antiseptic antifreeze and barter source. haha And I learned how to make homemade alcohol. I need to get my kit in gear!

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