• Context - Jesus was teaching not to judge others, and not to be hypocritical. Then this verse tells people not to abandon discernment, either. That is, don't judge people and don't be a hypocrite, but also it's still foolish to trust someone who will likely betray your trust. Also literally do not feed pearls to pigs.
  • Linda, I am a sinner, and require mercy, and so usually on these boards I'll answer questions, and will only respond to those who are engaging, or who have commented on my answer. I do agree with the verse, however, having been an atheist I do understand most of their stances, having stood in their shoes, and used their language, however, some are more engaging than others, while many just want to save you from what they see as brainwashing, and others can be pretty nasty and intolerant, especially if they have had bad experiences with Christianity or just don't want to hear about it, and believe me from my experience and I'm sure yours, there is many a sanctimonious Christian, who does not see the log in their own eye, which doesn't do anyone any favours. This verse states that it is wise to not to go about giving counsel to hardened scorners, such as throw a pearl to a swine and he will resent it, as if you threw a stone at him, hence do not give to the dogs and swine (the term meaning unclean creatures) holy things. Good counsel and reproof are a holy thing, and a pearl; are ordinances of God, they are precious. There are so many that have walked for so long in the way of sinners, that they hate and despise instruction, reproofs may expose the reprover to all contempt and mischief, despite you showing them their danger. Who shall help and heal those that will not be healed and helped? Though one must be very careful who they condemn as dogs and swine, as many a person can be lost when they may have been saved. But be very careful to needlessly expose yourself to the fury of those that will turn again and rend you. I don't feel I have been rendered as of yet, but maybe that's because I've been an atheist.
  • You know I'm not religious at all, but this is something from the bible I have always liked. Despite sometimes being the type of person this is warning about (more so in the past), since I think creamcrackered is correct about the meaning. For me, not casting my pearls before swine means to not share things that are personal and meaningful with someone who will make fun of it, or disrespect me for it. Which usually means not sharing something creative I have made with someone who wants to hurt me. Or sharing things about people I love.
  • Jesus meant that, if a person shows that he is like a dog or a swine, with no appreciation for spiritual things, one should not further endeavor to share spiritual thoughts and teachings with him.

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