• In the bible men and women had separate roles, they represent different things, they are bodily different, and those differences were embraced, man wasn't trying to be a woman, and woman wasn't trying to be a man. Man would speak in the churches for he was regarded as logical, where as woman represented a silent wisdom of knowing, she was seen as the nurturer, her wisdom passed from one woman in their household to another. And when they came together, they represented one person as a whole, as Adam said he recognised Eve as "Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bones. 'Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh'? In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.. Every person is Holy, and shall not defile themselves, for how can God dwell within someone who is not holy or pure? After all you are meant to be the temple of God. Even in the New Testament married life was seen as a way of not defiling the self, but if one could lead a singular life, especially if that person a widow or such, then that was also to be commended, for God was meant to be man's focus. For his spiritual self was to overcome his animalistic nature, and desires which would only lead him to sin. Of course now children rarely spend anytime with their parents, they are in the hands of the state, which is exactly where a totalitarian communist state would want them, after all socialism as Karl Marx said, is simply a step towards communism, so they can shape the minds of the next generation, to which appears a dumbing down is required, over sexualisation and violence, dependence on technology a blurring of lines, a lean away from family values, from religion, and a constant state of Order out of Chaos, with the Hegelian Dialect. As Satanist Aleister Crowley said "Do as thy wilt, shall be the whole of the law."
  • It was the great feminist Edith Stein who answered that that was a culturally-conditioned time-bound rule. Like not serving pork to Muslims newly-converted to Christianity. And even if you were right, people like you pick 2 ways to interpret a Bible text wrongly 1) If it reports in true fashion a bad thing happening you blame the social fact being reported and 2) If it does nt report that social problem you say the Bible isn't accurate. Read Edith Stein ON WOMAN and get over your weird exegetical practices.i
    • bostjan64
      Are you saying that the 1 Timothy 2 refers only to Paul's personal stance and not the stance of the Christian Church?
    • LogicHead
      I am saying that Paul judged that this was the way to keep peace with the surrounding culture a legitimate case of "When in Rome do as the Romans do" -- but read Edith Stein. She's brilliant orthodox and fully for women
    • bostjan64
      Thanks for your reply. ...But that wasn't what the Romans were doing. Paul was telling Timothy what the rules were that he would impose on women in the Church. I'm not sure how your narrative fits with the verse. I'll have to read some of Edith Stein's book and maybe I'll understand your argument better.
    • LogicHead
      It would upset the surrounding culture which did not have male -female equality. Yes, read her aND GET THE 2nd Edition as there is something amiss in the first edition :)
    • Creamcrackered
      Edith Stein encouraged woman to look to the virgin Mary as their ideal, she fully supported the differences between men and woman, and the wonderful gifts woman can present, she wasn't a feminist like you would consider todays feminists, she didn't want women to become like men, and she wanted them to focus on God.
  • The Bible is not sexist. As man had priority in human creation, he is given priority of position over the woman. 1Tim 2:12, 13 The woman was made from a rib taken from the man. Gen 2:22, 23 She was created for the sake of the man, not the man for her sake. 1Cor 11:9 Therefore, the woman, in God’s arrangement for the family, was always to be in subjection to her husband and was not to usurp his authority. Eph 5:22, 23 Also, in the Christian congregation the woman is not to teach other dedicated men nor to exercise authority over them. 1Tim 2:12 This does not mean that a woman is to be completely silent at a meeting of the Christian congregation. She is to be silent in the sense of not getting into disputes with a man. She is not to belittle his appointed position or endeavor to teach the congregation. Men have been given the assignment of presiding over and teaching the congregation, but women add much to Christian meetings by participating in them in various ways. God could have created Adam and Eve at the same moment, but he did not. Adam existed for some time before Eve. Does this not reveal God’s purpose for Adam to direct, to be the head, rather than Eve? And to teach is, in effect, to act as a master, or head, over those taught. Those taught listen and quietly learn. Thus, in the congregation only men are to be teachers and overseers.
  • Who cares about a bible written by goal herders, they weren't event smart enough to get the order of things right, in Genesis they wrote god created plants before light, how retarded is that.
  • The Bible is sexist the Bible calls a woman the weaker vessel! It says the woman is supposed to be in subjection to the man. This is the way that God created it to be man isn't supposed to Lord it over the woman that's why God created Eve from a rib over Adam's heart so that Adam would feel deep compassion for the woman like the woman was part of his own heart. But the woman was supposed to be in subjection to her husband to man. This idea of equal rights it's not biblical! Women weren't created to have equal rights they were created to have the rights that God gave them. Now I believe that if a woman does the exact same work that A man does that the woman should get the same wages. But does a woman have the right to lead the charge of battle or to lead the church? Only if there's no man present that can do the job if there is a man present the woman is supposed to give the job to the man. That's what the Bible says to do and if you do any less you're in rebellion to God.

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