• Yes well here is something I found
  • I think in 2024 him and Trump Jr will be our next President and Vice President ?
  • I don't know who Herschel Walker is. I've never heard of him.
    • Linda Joy
      Google can keep you from sounding so uninformed.
    • Glambarber
      Wow! An American former professional football player, bobsledder, sprinter, and mixed martial artist! How fascinating! How absorbing! It's so much more interesting than being a HOTEL INSPECTOR!
  • This is a lame argument. Usually appeal to authority isn't the strongest case, and appeal to someone assumed to be an authority outside of their qualifications is an extremely weak argument. But wording that argument in the form of "Are you calling ... a liar?" is simply vapid polemics. The facts of the matter are that Donald Trump has repeatedly said things that may easily be interpreted as racism, such as saying that a judge was unable to rule on a case against him due to his "Hispanic heritage," saying that thousands of Arab Americans in New Jersey publicly cheered and celebrated the destruction of the WTC on 9/11 (a claim he made of which there was no evidence in spite of the insinuation from Trump that it was televised), saying that Mexicans are generally rapists except for a few that he might assume are okay, or hell, running on a platform of deporting all of the Muslims from the USA. These sorts of things speak for themselves and no one should care what a professional athlete diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder has to say flying in the face of the facts.
    • Archie Bunker
      Many things are interpreted as racist nowadays to the point of it being so watered down it's meaningless.
    • bostjan64
      Your statement is correct. The word "racist" does, however, have a dictionary definition. Saying that you refuse the ruling of a judge based on the ethnic heritage of the judge does fit the criteria for racism directly. There really isn't much wiggle room for interpretation in that case. Now, whether one racist statement can determine a person as "racist" is another issue. But I don't think it takes a stretch to determine that a person is likely racist when that person makes these sorts of statements on a regular basis. Trump does have a very long list of such statements, some very recently, as well as court cases against him that alleged racism that he settled out of court. If it surrounds itself with racists, talks like a racist, and it settles court cases like a racist, is it a racist? Probably.
  • Just because one person says something, that doesn't make it true. Herschel is only giving his opinion. I personally don't care if he's a racist or not, what I do care about are his policies. And I don't think any of his policies are racist, irregardless of how other people interpret them.

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