• No! No one has ever treated a president the way they are treating Trump! Why the disparity? Because they couldn't find any criminal activity AGAINST HIM to prosecute? If they'd do their jobs prosecuting everyone on the democratic side who committed crimes they'd be plenty busy for the rest of their terms! This is despicable! I hope the next democratic president gets treated the same as they are doing Trump!! Not to mention they're infringing on the press!! Are these idiots really too stupid to know how to turn a channel or click another page? Hey idiots, the idiot box has a power button! If you don't like what's on change it! I have to every time they want to promote gayism broadcast across all the channels even though there are less than 5% of gays anywhere but DC? If I'm forced to watch gays kiss you should have to watch Trump!!
    • Linda Joy
      Before you jump on me for being anti gay, I'm not. The comparison would be the same with a commercial I don't like. I've boycotted Charmin since they insinuated mom is supposed to fetch tissue for anyone too stupid to make sure there's poop paper before they shit. Are there really that many people out there who have not been properly potty trained?!!
    • Linda Joy
      Everyone on that petition has probably shouted they have a right to free speech but just watch them try to silence everything with which they disagree! Hypocrites, all!
    • bostjan64
      Linda, so often I agree with your conclusions but disagree with your way of getting there. A presidential press conference is ostensibly a newsworthy event. I agree that the president is getting attacked for some things rather harshly by his opponents, but it was the same story when Obama was president and he said something stupid. The difference here, though, is that Trump is saying a lot of just crazy things, usually on camera or over the phone on a live televised program, and then denies saying the thing he said earlier. As frustrating as that may be, though, there comes a time to move on. This particular moment in US history is probably not a good time to dwell on petty things.
    • Linda Joy
      If its not a good time to dwell on petty things then why did you even post this? And no, Obama was not allowed to be criticized because anyone who did was called a racist!

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