• So, it is true that every major recession since 1950 has started under a Republican president, except the 1980 recession, which was also the shortest one. It is also true that every Republican president since Herbert Hoover has seen the start of a major recession except Gerald Ford, who wasn't even elected. But if it rains every day I wear a red tie, and doesn't rain every day I don't wear a red tie, it doesn't mean that red ties cause rain.
  • That's ridiculous! Unemployment was at its lowest under most of Trump's presidency. You can't blame Trump for CV19! Blame China!! Ow I burned my wrist. I may not be keying for a little while. Keep asking silly questions so I can answer them when I come back.
    • bostjan64
      I hope your wrist gets better. It's been too quiet around here. The lowest unemployment rate was actually in May of 1953, at 2.5%, and while it was decreasing up until the virus panic, the trend between Obama's presidency and Trump's presidency was the same. That means that either the president is not a direct cause of unemployment, or that Trump and Obama had the same level of effect.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you, my wrist is better. And yeah, I wasn't going back that far.
  • You can look at who was President at the time but you also have to look at what caused it. The US housing bubble was a major factor in our last recession. Who caused the housing bubble? Was it GW or Congressional actions prior to him being in office? Just listing the guy who was in office when it hit is not looking at the facts fairly.
  • I don't believe anything is coincidence, full stop. Nothing to do with politics, it's to do with the English language. The root word (the verb "to incide") doesn't exist, so that makes "coincidence" a rootless, meaningless word.
    • bostjan64
      What about the word "exist?" "Ex-" being the prefix meaning "out of" and "-ist" the suffix meaning "a follower of" - together they have no root and therefore no meaning.
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