• Well of course!! Less than 4% of people who catch this virus die! So doing nothing is effective enough for 95% of the population! There is also a vaccine.
  • COVID-19 vaccines are being researched across the world. I couldn't give you a specific medicine. We know people who are infected with the virus need supportive care to help them breathe. Take it from Tom Hanks and other celebrities. They're still self-quarantined obviously, but they are feeling a lot better.
    • Linda Joy
      Some people who have the virus have no symptoms. But I'm very thankful and sympathetic to those who are growing antibodies for the rest of us!
    • Jenny Rizzo
      We can make it sound like everything is fine and dandy, but some people as you say are turning out to be the majority in a life or death situation. The virus is a slow and a silent killer. In the US, more than 13,000 thousand people are infected with the virus, not to mention more than 207,000 thousand people worldwide on 3/19/2020.
  • Don't believe all the media hype. It's not the doom and gloom that they would have you believe.
  • President Trump is recommending hydroxychloroquine sulfate. It's a drug used to prevent malaria. In the case of malaria, the drug prevents the disease if you have already taken it, though, so, I'm unclear as to whether this is recommended for people who already have coronavirus or people who are at risk of contracting it.
    • Linda Joy
      That don't sound right! Why would Trump be recommending drugs? Do you have a link, please?
    • Berzyerk
    • Berzyerk
      How do I post a link?
    • Berzyerk
      He is the president. so he has vested interest in keeping Americans safe. Also, as president, he has access to the best medical professionals in the country for advice. Being an election year in the US, he also needs to be on top of his public relations.
  • No. Plenty of conspiracies and half truths going around though.
  • Toilet paper apparently.
  • Some of the Princess Cruise patients were treated with Remdezivir and died anyway. I would say that the prospects of it working effectively are pretty slim.

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