• Changing a tire or engine oil, in my opinion, is part of operative maintenance. Anyone who drives an automobile should be familiar with those procedures, along with refueling, replenishing windshield fluid, replacing headlamps, etc. While I don't think any less of drivers who use the services of a mechanic to take care of these things, I do think that it's greatly beneficial to at least know how to do them. As for repairing a leak in a tire (patching, or similar), that's not something I personally know how to do, and not something I believe the casual motorist might be able to do with common domestic tools.
    • Linda Joy
      When I was managing KFC my area supervisor spent TWO HOURS waiting for AAA to fix his tire! Or so he says! I'd be embarrassed to tell anyone that, but I think (unfairly) I wouldn't be given as hard of a time over it because I'm a woman. I've done those things you listed, but I'd rather let them do it at Walmart while I'm shopping. Besides, if I tried to do those things now everyone would want to try and 'help' me, and I'm not physically able at this moment anyway. But generally I agree with you. I know how to remove and replace a tire as well as how to repair and check for leaks, but you're right you have to have professional tools. In fact, mountable flange types had to be put in a tire cage before being inflated. But its not hard, unless you have to break down a tire with only that sliding tool, I forget what they call it. I should get some rest. The tire can be heavy though! I remember changing a flat once with my ex mother in law telling me I shouldn't be doing that! Even though I was 5 mos pregnant and the tire was heavy back then not the little doughnuts they have now, but it was just me and her, and she couldn't lift the tire - she was old!
    • Jarvan32
      Some men just cant fix anything, like me. there must be other things he is good at...
  • Every man and woman. There may be a circumstance where many of us may need to.
    • Linda Joy
      It happened to me when I was 21 and pregnant. I'm just thankful I knew how!
  • Yup. Boys should be taught many things. There's nothing wrong with boys being taught to be real men by doing man things. That being said, my daughter knows how to change her tire also.
  • No. Such menial jobs are for Mexicans and Americans to do for us.

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