• I try to be kind and respectful when I answer or comment on questions on AnswerBag. I'm usually blunt when responding to trolling Q&A, but must of the time I regret responding.
  • You should probably stick to what works for you. But I remember telling my abusive ex I didn't care if he killed me, I was never going to be afraid of him ever again! It worked for me! Sometimes when you're little you have to let people know they can't mistreat you! You don't have to worry about that, but I think that's why several short men I know seem to be angry a lot! Oh NO! I just realized I have a Napoleon Complex!! Hahaha. Maybe I should research that before claiming it! You can bill the VA for the therapy session! I'll have to talk to my case worker about this. She's never seen me angry though. Because she treats me respectfully.
    • Roaring
      I am smiling after reading your comment Linda Joy : )

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