• Try taking your temperature to see if you body temperature drops, it's what wakes me up, I thought it might be my thyroid but the doctor said it isn't, so I get up and have a warm drink and a piece of toast. A drop in blood sugar levels can also cause you to wake up so eating the toast with some jam will help it. Its worth giving a go.
    • Zara Zoey
      I checked it, no it isn't. I think it might be the destabilized circadian rhythm. I read an article a while ago and seems legit:
  • Insomnia? I would suggest you stop watching those Freddy Krueger movies so you can get a good night's sleep.
    • Zara Zoey
      Haha, spot on. I cannot resist watching honor movies!
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Honor movies? That's a good one. lol
  • Sometimes when you get older you don't need as much sleep. If I can't sleep at night I sleep when I'm tired. Not everyone has that option. I've been diagnosed with several sleep disorders and used to be prescribed sleep meds (Ambien), but was told by one of my dr's that since I'm on a cpap machine if it were to fail for any reason if I was on those meds I'd most likely never wake up. So I quit taking them. Trazodone didn't work for me. But melotonin sometimes does, if I take it and go to bed. If I take it and wait to get sleepy I'm sometimes awake 5 hours later. I like that melotonin is naturally produced by the body. I often have at least one night a week that I don't sleep at all. On the other hand when I'm sick, I sleep more. Just last weekend I caught a cold and was in bed all of it except Sunday evening because my immunity was down from chemo. I only just got back online. How did you nip it in the bud? Have you tried doing that again?
  • Make dogs in the neighbourhood bark and wake everybody up, why should they get to sleep
  • *** • Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. • Make your bedroom quiet, dark, relaxing, and neither too warm nor too cold. • Do not watch TV or use gadgets while in bed. • Make your bed as comfortable as possible. • Avoid heavy meals, caffeine, and alcohol before bedtime. • If after applying these suggestions you still suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders—such as excessive daytime sleepiness or gasping for breath while sleeping—you may want to consult a qualified health-care professional.

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