• No, to both questions. You can only know what they tell you and online its easier to lie. I never have figured out if mushroom is male or female and I've even asked them point blank. Doesn't matter either way they're smart. Hmmm.... maybe it has to do with the 36000 sexes fungi have. I've personally seen people fake being a sex they aren't. As for the second part, if someone told you they were a specific sex and they lied to you, does that make you a bad person for believing them? No. But when someone brags about knowing who everyone is on here then calls that very user by the wrong gender I'm gonna laugh at that every time! Even if its me that does it!
    • bostjan64
      It doesn't matter to me what gender anyone here is. I'm not here for anything other than asking, answering, and talking about questions. Even if I try not to assume a person is male or female or whatever, I notice what I consider to be generally masculine or feminine queues from them. Same thing happens with other websites and social media, or whatever. I'm sure that I'm not always correct about it, but it's something that I find interesting.
    • Linda Joy
      For me the more I know about a person and the more we talk the better I am able to put my comments in a context they can understand, but many of my answers are generic and are not specifically tailored to the person asking the question. Many of the askers are no longer here anyway and the answers then will be for those who come later. But I am single and sometimes I flirt. Nothing serious, but after flirting with a woman (who had a male avatar) in a gaming forum for some time before finding out she was a she certainly taught me a lesson! I'm not into women! (not that there's anything wrong with that) But it does make a difference in how I respond to them. It also makes a difference if they are a first time visitor or an inexperienced child or someone who is genuinely mentally slow. But how I respond also includes their interests, whether they've been in the military, if they have children and the age of their children, and the level of their intelligence. Also if English is their second/learned language I will try to help them learn, rather than being a grammar Nazi. I usually reserve that for those that have done it to others, or people who have ticked me off.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Linda Joy, quote: "No. But when someone brags about knowing who everyone is on here then calls that very user by the wrong gender I'm gonna laugh at that every time! Even if its me that does it!" If I changed my AB avatar and I told you I am Chuck Norris, would you believe me??? LOL, how funny! You don't know how to rationalize with others, since you have never met bostjan64 in person or talked on the phone to know his or her exact gender or HAVE YOU?????????????????????
  • I don't think so. Today, there are different facts and interpretations for male and female. So with that in mind, I believe whatever persona is projected with a grain of salt. Nothing on online is fact LOL
  • You have to be really smart to know. Creating a fake identity online is common for spamming, trolling, to protect your privacy and security across the internet and etc. There are no sure-fire ways to determine who has created a fake account, unless you investigate a person online with gender expression, which works effectively as an external representation of identity crafted through style, behavior and language.

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