• I have several collections of various things. Anything you are trying to find?
  • "I collect spores, mold and fungus." - Dr Egon Spengler
    • Linda Joy
      Fungi have 36000 sexes! I wonder what that porn site would be like! lol. Did you see the NCIS episode where Abby was telling McGee it was ok to talk about mold having sex because they were both adults? lol. I love Abby!
    • Archie Bunker
      NCIS is dumb and I would never watch it.
  • Its always something and usually something worthless I think I can use or from which I can make something. I've been commended for being resourceful, but that can be a double edged sword for hoarders. But to try and answer your question right now its yarn. Though I do have quite a bit of art and craft supplies besides yarn. I'm going to make breast cancer awareness ribbon earrings and key chains for the ladies that work in the chemo suite, and some breast cancer awareness ribbon ankle socks for the girls from Church that made get well cards for me.
  • Expensive clothes and luxurious heeled footwear with a touch of gold. I am a Roman goddess, so in every way I treat myself well.

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