• bostjan64
      That seems like pretty good advice.
    • Linda Joy
      I think she handled it very well also!
  • Why do you feel the need to? Maybe its only 'strikingly offensive' to you and the few who've 'dropped hints'. Maybe he doesn't find his 'signature scent' offensive at all. Maybe you are not being tolerant of his personal grooming standards and are trying to force your grooming standards on him. People from different cultures have different grooming standards. Whose to say yours should be legislated on everyone else? Maybe people have a right to be as stinky as they want to be. Maybe if you are in favor of being tolerant of the behavior and lifestyles of others this is where YOU need to make an adjustment. And why is this the place where so many feel the need to impose their standards on everyone else? Its not like its hurting you as long as you can see through the tears in your eyes what are you complaining about? lol

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