• Copy-pasta: I'm a little upset with my PCP (primary care provider). I got a nasty letter in the mail about missing my appointment. I never received a call, voicemail, nor email about this appointment, and my planner has a totally different date. I checked my appointment reminder card and it matches the date in my planner. How can they change the date without notification?! Additional information: The doctor told me that the new appointment time was logged into the patient portal online. Should I be expected to check the patient portal regularly in case they change my appointment date?
  • typo dude. No. I usually get numerous notifications via text, snail mail, and sometimes phone. I once told someone making appointments to schedule it without me and if I had a problem I'd let her know, but that was because I was trying to check into chemotherapy. I still don't know how she called me when I can't get a signal to call my ride until I'm outside!!
    • bostjan64
      Good catch, maybe I need an appointment to see the optometrist. Our cell coverage here in northeast Vermont (read: Canada Jr.) is just awful, so I have to use a land line for everything important except emergencies. The hospital called my cell phone once, a couple of years ago, and, of course, the call was dropped shortly after I said "hello?" So, of course I spent the next 20 minutes trying to get a signal (when the hospital is only about 15 minutes away) to call them back. PS - I guess the edit feature doesn't work on questions. Hmmph
    • Linda Joy
      It works, you just have to give it time. I try not to be a grammar nazi on social media, but I do have a mental issue where these type of things make my brain get stuck until I can figure out what people are trying to say. Yours was easy, but I know you're a smart guy and didn't think you would want to leave it like that. If you had just edited it I would have edited out my comment, but since you commented I figured it would be better to leave it there and explain. I made a typo on here once and someone pointed it out and I STILL DIDN'T SEE IT! I think it was a voice to text editor mistake, but I've also keyed lll instead of ll and couldn't see it because I needed a new prescription, but it was underlined in red and frustrated me until I finally saw it. haha. I get good cell reception here. (my tv reception sucks! And I'm right next to a broadcast station!) The only place I can't get a signal is at the main VA hospital. I can get one just fine at the annex. And I got two calls today while getting chemo, but can't call out. And today after answering no earlier, I had an appointment with my surgeon I don't remember at all. Fortunately I made it anyway and made sure to get a printout of my upcoming appointments. However, some appointments are made on a weekly basis and I have two more that will be added. I was supposed to make them before leaving today, but I had to get to chemo and didn't want to delay my case worker who transports me since I didn't finish till 2. I'm very thankful to her for all she does for me! And I'm even more thankful to the taxpayers for paying for my cancer treatment. I'd have had to choose a slow painful death without them!

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