• The US is too soft. Peace through strength and America will be great again. MAGA!!
  • Are you really so ignorant as to think America doesn't have enough firepower to blow Syria off the map in a single day? Get real! When we dropped the 3 bombs on Japan we had 20 more waiting to go if they hadn't surrendered! But we're not terrorists so we don't go in trying to blow someone off the map. We're just trying to keep others from allowing terrorists to operate freely within their borders. Frankly sometimes I wish we'd quit giving them money for anything, quit buying anything from them, let them kill each other and keep our noses out of it, but then terrorism would just spread. But if America is going to try and keep peace they need to take out the terrorists, quickly and quietly, like a vapor, with nanotechnology leaving no evidence and costing no lives or even boots on the ground instead of thumping chests in public and blowing shit up. That's just politics, not military might. But terrorism is a tool used by both sides to keep you from looking at what the politicians are doing to screw you over and take your money. Just another tool to keep you paying the price of their games. "We The People" are the pawns and we will continue to get screwed until "We The People" put a stop to it with our votes! Don't vote for a 'party', vote for a leader! YOUR LEADER! Then hold them accountable for their actions on your behalf! Tell them how you want them to vote and if they don't vote them out! And educate yourselves on the issues. I know its ugly, but its our responsibility as citizens to police our government and help others learn truths.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh now you say Russia? Or did I read it wrong? Either way, its all politics. Last I knew communism drove Russia too broke to fight a war! And didn't the corrupt officials sell all their weapons? No one is gonna jump that gun. Didn't you see the movie war games? Have you ever played tic tac toe? Besides, everyone is making money selling arms and weapons. They don't want that to end so they skirmish to keep it in the media. It feeds the media, the politicians, the gun runners and keeps the military fat. It also feeds war, killing, contention, and hatred for others to the public. It puts our soldiers in harms way when it doesn't have to be like that. They have robot bugs, drones, laser technology and all kinds of other stuff they've allowed to go public, so there's no telling what they've accomplished with all the new technology! Both sides could probably annihilate each other in a day, but what would it profit them? The jig would be up! They've been milking that same cash cow for generations! Peace is not profitable. And what would the terrorist do without a war to fight? You're all being duped and allowing the puppet masters to manipulate your feelings to give them the power they crave. They have no power that is not given to them by the support of others. Think about that for a minute! I just did!

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