• He needs to stay off Twitter. He's kind of a jerk. But he's doing well.
    • Linda Joy
      I think he's learning.
    • Archie Bunker
      Too slow for my taste.
  • I voted for Trump, and I will again...He's a little rough around the edges, but he's not a career liar (I mean a career politician).
  • I voted for Trump and going to again.
  • Do you know that only 5 elected Presidents received fewer popular votes than their opponents: John Quincy Adams, Rutherford Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George W Bush and Donald Trump and all were Republicans?* Adams was actually a Democratic-Republican and received fewer than half the electoral votes, which triggered a contingent election held by the House.
    • Archie Bunker
      All the top candidates in 1824 were Democratic-Republicans.
    • Linda Joy
      Blah blah blah, you didn't answer the question! haha

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