• Half of who you are is genetic, and the other half is environment. People who are mean to other people develop their habits in hundreds of different ways, but it has to start with some instance where they observed someone (could be themselves) doing something hurtful and benefiting from it (positive reinforcement) or doing something nice and being punished as a result (negative reinforcement). When this observed cause/effect relationship is repeated, the idea that harming others yields some form of reward leads to a pattern of harming others. The only way to reverse this pattern is to reverse the reinforcement.
    • jadedsoul
      what if they dont care enough to reverse it. most peoplr deserve it too
    • bostjan64
      People won't care unless the reinforcement is reversed. As long as someone received positive reinforcement for behaving badly or receives negative reinforcement for behaving well, the person will continue to behave badly.
    • jadedsoul
      so its just all stems from selfishness guess people will be people nothing u can really do
  • Polyester and barbed wire?
  • Their parents make them like anyone else. Whether or not one chooses to be a bully is up to them. But there are no winners:
  • when people are rnean to others

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