• That sounds like the best option. If Trump plays the waiting game, Americans will pay the consequences.
  • absolutely not there will be no winners in a Nuclear war
    • Anoname
      Squirrels will eat the roaches and come out on top.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Cockroaches and squirrels are both doomed. They lack opposable thumbs.
  • Russell, Jenny are you two ready to take up arms and jump in with your own two feet? That goes for anyone who says yes! The lives of our soldiers should not be risked over a dick contest! We have intercept procedures in place that are sufficient. If you want the ass nuked go do it yourself! The lives of our soldiers are too valuable! I only pray those in power to send them realize that!
  • I do not. Trump is a smart guy. And so is General Mattis. Using a nuclear weapon now is irresponsible. But, they are smart enough to tell the world that the option is still on the table.
  • No. Maybe later, probably never, but certainly not now.
  • No. I do not agree, because that would be extremely foolish. It is spelled "Korea", by the way.

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