• With inflation probably about $1.75
    • Linda Joy
      Is that the blue book value on your model? Hahaha! I think my scars may cancel out any remaining book value on my make and model haha!
    • Thinker
      No, actually that is around the chemical value in dollars of a human body. Scars and all! HE HE HE!
    • Linda Joy
      I figured from the amount that's probably what you were talking about.
  • Sadly it's going down every day.
    • Linda Joy
      Not so! Your value is greater than you believe! You have much left to give!
  • I am very valuable to God because He gave His only begotten Son Jesus for me.
    • Linda Joy
      And Jesus volunteered to sacrifice himself!
    • Rick Myres
      Very true. Lots of people think the Jews killed Jesus but they could not. He was already dead before they could break His legs. He gave his life.
    • Linda Joy
      And I'm eternally thankful!
    • Linda Joy
      You're priceless!

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