• 7-12-2017 Service dogs dump on a schedule. The evidence will not be found where you can step in it.
    • Linda Joy
      I know. I learned this several years ago when I first asked this question on Q&A. I just wanted to know if it would affect how people thought
    • Linda Joy
      Lol, I tried!
  • Not really, but I would be impressed if I found out it was from a seeing eye eagle. Eagles have much better vision than dogs, and can also be trained to assist humans in various tasks, so why seeing eye dogs and not seeing eye eagles for people who cannot see or sniffing nose dogs for people who cannot smell? Or what about "Hunter's organ eels" for people who are unable to sense the bioelectric signals of nearby fish whilst swimming in the water?
    • Linda Joy
      Dogs have never pooped on my head!
    • bostjan64
      True, but then, eagles have never eaten my shoes.
  • You can't polish a turd. So, no. It wouldn't make a difference.

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