• Yes! After all we all have our own belly buttons so we should be entitled to our own opinions. Just not everyone needs to agree with them.
  • "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt" - Abraham Lincoln. [] I believe your question is a first amendment issue. However, in exercising one's first amendment, it should be carefully acknowledged that freedom of speech carries with it an obligation of responsibility. An irresponsible person does not have a right to say or do what he wants if it infringes on the rights or privileges of others. With the political climate the way it is currently, some people's "opinions" could lead to a nationwide insurrection.
  • yes but hateful comments in the real world and online are not really opinions, more like just being a bully!!! and nasty hateful opinions' should be kept to themselves or suffer the consequences
    • Army Veteran
      "Hateful" is a matter of perspective. Sensitive people will judge hate speech more meticulously than someone who is less sensitive. Too many times "hate speech" has been the justification for censorship simply because an opinion doesn't agree with a particular narrative. This is one of the cancerous degradations that has spawned from Political Correctness.
    • 11stevo73
      Hateful you twist it that way when you don't agree. Take a cup of concrete a lot of ignorant people use that bs.
  • Yes. Opinions are not like facts which are proven to be true, you may have a different opinion on a given subject to mine but an opinion is a subjective view. Unless I find your opinion particularly abhorrent (extreme racism or sexism etc. for example) I will respect your different view on politics, religion, funniest sit-com, best movie etc. & hope you will respect my opinion equally.
  • Yes, but it's never an excuse to be an asshole about it, yet some people are.
  • Thats not how it is now days if it ever was? Example when I say covid19 is a pharmaceutical junket that's bleeding the tax pay dry and the vaccine is an experimental drug I'm not a lab rat. That gets a lot of people knickers in a knot why they think they are medical experts I don't know.
  • Sure they should. They should also have the "courage of their convictions" when they start taking heat for unpopular opinions. Unless you're looking for an argument, opinions are best kept to yourself. IMHO.

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