• Great idea!
    • Linda Joy
      I have one about every five years or so.
    • Anoname
      I've seen several great ideas from you.
    • ashen
      I think if they worked for tips, we would all have a much better experience including them. A smile goes a long way
  • Do you think you should earn points for stupid questions so you can stay on the leader board?
    • Linda Joy
      Do you think you should earn points for stupid answers like this? Oh look! Apparently you're too dumb to ask ANY questions.
  • I think the government should keep doing what they're doing. They're extremely cost-effective and productive. That's why I think the government should run our healthcare, too. That way, going to the doctor would be just like visiting the DMV.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm hoping this is sarcasm!
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Being that I'm a patient/victim of the VA, I know exactly how government-run healthcare works.
    • Linda Joy
      When was the last time you went to the VA? And which VA do you use? We've had different experiences I'm sure.
  • Maybe that'd make things faster, not quite sure though. Strange idea... :)
  • LOL! I don't think that scenario would ever work. People will never be happy to hear "You failed your exam by one point, sorry." Maybe if the people tipping are not the 110 year old man who is legally blind but too stubborn to give up his license, but rather the 90 000 other drivers who have to share the road with him if he gets to keep his license, but then you simply have mob rules unless the DMV employees have enough financial security and backbone to work without pay in order to stand up for what's right. I don't know about this in real life, but the scenario would make a great short film.
  • I just wish their smoke breaks didn't occur right after they take my paperwork to the backroom.
  • They have their own little world behind their counters. I remember once, there was a long running joke, and the workers were smiling, then come a customer, stern and rigid.
  • Although that might improve attitude and efficiency, I don't think it will ever fly Orville.

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