• I've forgiven everyone already. My heart is pure as I don't fulfill it with anger. In my thirties, I learned how to leave your hurt. :) Whom do you need to forgive?
    • Linda Joy
      No one that I can think of. I'm just a big fan of forgiveness as well.
  • probably a lot of people
    • Linda Joy
      That's a heavy burden to carry. And it's only hurting you. But I also understand forgiveness takes a lot of work I've had a lot of people to forgive in my life as I'm sure you do.
  • Linda hate too sound like a broken record but it's that first job I got cheated out off.They put me out on 6/16 To this day I hate the 16th of every month and especially in June and refuse to do anything on that day. This happened 20 years ago still It's not a matter of forgiveness as much as a chance for redemption which is not coming
  • I have nobody to forgive today, yet. Sometimes it is more difficult to forgive myself than to forgive others. But I do not hold a grudge. A grudge itself is destructive and can take a toll on you. The Bible says to anger slowly and forgive quickly. When you forgive you free two people yourself and the other person.
  • Myself for the false perception that someone has done me wrong.
  • I forgive Friday.
  • I didn't read this until Sunday which is today. We need to have a serious talk. People are thinking I'm stupid for being deceived so easily. These people don't even know us or our history or relationship.
    • Linda Joy
      Why do you write stuff in such a way that we don't know what you are talking about and then when we ask you never answer? Why even put this stuff out there if you're not going to tell us what you are talking about? Are you talking about your online lover who is married to someone else? Should I keep guessing since you are the one who brought it up? Are you talking about your family whom you hate and can't seem to get along with? Do you like putting pieces on these threads and then try to make people guess what you're talking about? Am I giving you the attention you wanted?
    • OrangeDonRump
      "Am I giving you the attention you wanted?" --- asked by the biggest Attention Seeker on the website. Oh, the irony. Oh, but don't let me interfere with you - while you are telling someone how they should communicate here (which you claim you never do...)
    • Linda Joy
      I never said that I never tell others what to do. I give advice often! Post a link to where I said that. And again this was posted long ago... And I don't have to rant and insult others to get attention. It seems to come naturally. (batting eyelashes) I can't help that the poparazzi can't get enough of me! bwah hahahahaha!
    • Linda Joy
      And by all means don't interfere by interfering, hypocrite. Also thank you for all the opportunities you are giving me to report you, dumbass!
  • I think people who condemn me for my opinions, it annoys me because I should be allowed to express myself if I’m being helpful and non offensive.

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