• Not yet because I have been drinking water.
    • Linda Joy
      that's usually my drink of choice
    • Rick Myres
      Mine too.
  • I was going to behave myself tonight .... but now that you mention it .... I could probably handle going for a few brewskis..
    • Linda Joy
      Go ahead! Blame me! I can take it!
    • Linda Joy
      Are you feeling it yet? It's so cold it may have slush in it!
    • Ice man
      I'm addicted to "slushies" too. : )
  • I'll ask Tuesday!
  • 7-20-2017 Well, I made it through thirsty Wednesday, now I'm starting on thirsty Thursday. I don't know why you assume alcoholic beverages. My drink of choice is lemonade.
    • Linda Joy
      Water for me, though sometimes I go for a raspberry lemonade.

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