• It;s because no human trusts something with bigger teeth than them. Sharks get more hate than you so get over yourself.
    • hatchlinglucifer
      We are not that large come on. Only cowards do stuff like that yet other humans consider them to be brave. No sharks do not get as much hate as us. How many books, movies or games have dragons? a lot of them. Sharks? Maybe a few if you really checked.
  • I don't hate you! Rock on Dragons!
    • hatchlinglucifer
      I am talking to the ones who do. I want to know why.
  • 6-7-2017 There are two kinds of dragons, the mythical and the fictional. The mythical dragon has been reported all around the world in hundreds of languages and the details are always the same: feathered body of a serpent, bearded head of a lion, and eyes that shoot lightning bolts. The Maya tribes worshiped Quetzalcoatl for thousands of years, and the Chinese still dance with a dragon at big celebrations. The fictional dragon can be anything a person's story telling ability can support.
    • hatchlinglucifer
      That is not a dragon you know. We are one species we are not a mix. There is only one type of dragon, that of scales and elemental breaths. We are pure reptiles with no lion head or whatever. You are lost. You did not even answer the question. Why are we hated?
    • Jewels Vern
      You don't even exist.
    • hatchlinglucifer
      I don't? I think I do. Hmm let me check. I have my wings, I am scaled and I breath plasma. Oh hey there I remember you from ask and blurtit

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