• Because the religion of peace will have your head chopped off if you offend them.
  • Probably because they're students of World History, and they know what happens whenever you offend any major religion -- look at Christianity. More blood on its hands than any other group of people in Earth's history. Any of the big cults like that will destroy you.
    • Creamcrackered
      In what we would deem as more modern eras, there has been more bloodshed in communist countries where religion is not allowed. What you are talking about is the Catholic Church which means Universal Church, that's what it was established for hence it's magnitude, the pope is both a king and a so-called religious leader and so world domination is the goal. African peoples adapted to the Catholic church quite well as they equated their saints with their Loa or other such characters which featured Papa Legba which Elton John and other celebrities have sung about. Also, it did some good because in Nigeria they use to see twin babies as demonic and a curse, and would kill them, which the Catholic church stopped with education. Swings and roundabouts, but I'm no fan of it.
  • The left support Palestine because they believe that the state of Israel has increased it's occupancy into Palestinian areas as marked out by the UN, and so displacing them from their homeland, this to them makes no sense especially bearing in mind there are more Palestinians than Jews. There are extremists in both Islam and Judaism they will admit that themselves, if you want to know more there are interviews of both people's in their homelands on youtube. The state of Israel was founded as a circular state, not religious, for the Jewish people's homeland, an agreement made between the Rothschild's and Britain in the Balfour Declaration but not implemented until I think it was 1948 . Some orthodox Jews are against the state of Israel because it is not Torah driven, but as I've said it was never meant to be religious. Conflict has probably existed for years due to opposing religious views, and now possibly between the educated and non educated and rich and poor; however the creation of Israel as a state added to the conflict along with other acts of war that followed. Whether they will ever find peace remains to be seen. Gerald Kaufman was a Zionist, but for Poale Zionism, (Marxist). People have to get there head around the fact that Zionism in of itself as both Conservative and Marxist (Fabian socialist) opposing views.
    • Creamcrackered
      Jewish critics of Zionism.
  • No religion in the US should be subject to discrimination.

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