• Came close once when I was a child. I was swimming near the edge of a pool when suddenly everyone started yelling at me. There were too many voices and I couldn't make out what they were yelling. They seamed to be pointing at me. Someone then ran up and pulled a small baby out of the water RIGHT NEXT TO ME. The child had fallen in beside me but I didn't even know it. Missed my big chance.
  • Several times. Having been taught how to render first-aid, when I was young, has paid off over the years that followed.
    • Linda Joy
      Did you feel responsible for them after that? Did they feel an obligation to repay you?
    • Ice man
      I didn't really feel responsible for them, but did check up on them later. I never wanted anything in return and assured them that their thanks was enough for me. One guy's wife insisted on baking cookies for me ... until I moved away.
    • Linda Joy
      Aw that's sweet!
  • I pulled a young woman out of water when she started to drown.
    • Linda Joy
      Did you ever see her again after that?
    • Mountain Momma
      Yes, she was a close friends younger sister.
  • Yep. Just a part of the job.
    • Linda Joy
      You're awesome!
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Nope. Just doing my job.
    • Linda Joy
      And that makes you even more awesome!
  • not that i know of but someone saved mine when i was drowning in the ocean when i was a kid
    • Linda Joy
      I'm really glad you're still with us!
  • If saving a persons career counts then yes. Guy called me and said " I will lose my job if you cannot help me " so I helped him. Few weeks later he offered me a job I did not qualify for , but still felt about him still being employed. If this does not qualify as saving a persons life then no
    • Linda Joy
      It might could count as a leaner Fox. Lol. I mean you never know what might have happened if he lost his job it could have meant the end of his life you never know!
  • Yup, every time I drive!
  • Kidding?
  • not that i know of
  • No. It seems overwhelming.
  • I saved a young girl by running her a tepid bath,, I was living with these folks when I was pretty young.. they took their daughter to the dr,. when they got home.. he told them that saved her life..
  • Yes, an old man who was about to get a ton of steel dropped on his head and a boy who fell off a railroad bridge.

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