• Half a car seat.
    • Azlotto
      Lol...I need that for my half car...jk...Thanks, beaker95.
  • Tonight it will be a cross-cut shredder.
    • Azlotto
      Shredded paper makes good compost...Thanks, Boola Boo.
  • Does crochet count? Last thing I crocheted was a slipper. What about supper? Probably my little mini food processor.
    • Azlotto
      Sure crochet counts...Thanks, Linda Joy.
  • I assembled a desk which took 5 hours, and bear in mind I am a carpenter and have assembled lots of particle board furniture, but this desk was murderous! (Oh and the good news was that when it was all done I found the thing sits so high it's unuseable as a desk. :{ But it's okay, because Captain Meow uses it for something to walk on. *sigh* (No really, I'm using it as a work bench now, and it's good for that. I fix guitars on it.
    • Azlotto
      You fix guitars!...Awesome!...My Strat hasn't been used for almost 10 years.

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