• Engrossed with Answerbag. Had a lovely, hot bathe, whilst listening to my favourite Dean Friedman songs. Watched some TV, whilst eating sweet biscuits and drinking tea. Pleasured myself, whilst watching naked women. Went to bed and slept.
    • Linda Joy
      Are sweet biscuits like honey biscuits? Are they soft or hard like cookies? And was the tea sweet or unsweet hot or cold?
    • beaker95
      Nicely avoiding the last part of my night, I notice. We call the biscuits with "cheese and biscuits" savoury biscuits and so biscuits "with cups of tea" are called sweet biscuits to avoid confusion. I am confused now. First thing in the morning I have a tea-spoon of sugar, but thereafter my tea is sugarless. My teeth are quite sensitive to sweet things. So long as I have biscuits, cake or chocolate with it to make it taste sweeter. Nothing weird about me. Cold tea would be like kissing a nubile girl on the nose instead of the mouth. I like my tea like I like my women; hot, brown and five times a day. P.S. I like my biscuits like I like my men; dark, creamy, long and hard.
    • Linda Joy
      I miss you Beaker I wish I had seen this back when you posted it. And I seriously doubt you can handle 5 times a day with a woman nope!
  • Watched tv and worked. Finally made it to bed before being woke up so here I am again. Tocoas for breakfast
    • Linda Joy
      What do you do for work?
    • Rose Mystery
      i work for myself. its fun i think
  • Last night I was so haunted.
    • Linda Joy
      Haunted by what?
  • Rewire my DVD system. They are interliked. The main device malfunctioned and I lost access to 8 machines. Had to bypass and remove the malfunctioning device.
    • Linda Joy
      I can see keeping a backup on hand, but eight machines? What are you in business?
    • Anoname
      It's my own private network. 19 DVD players linked in my bedroom and 11 linked in the living room.
    • Linda Joy
      But why?
    • Anoname
      As I've said on other posts, I have no cable. The only TV I get is from my DVD shows. I've amassed enough programming to watch shows up to 17 hours per day for two and a half years without having to re-watch a single episode. Each show has a time slot. Each DVD player acts as a designated channel. I change DVD players the way you'd change channels. I don't have to keep switching discs at every time slot - just which machine to tune to.
  • Sleep. I slept for a very long time. Had a nightmare or two. It was a tiring week. Feel great today.
    • Linda Joy
      Well I'm glad you're feeling better!
  • I was on yahoo answers a lot, i tend to go on there and try to help kids out with their family problems
  • At the gym had a short run , but got it in
  • i was on yahoo answers for a couple of hrs before i went to sleep last night
  • Last Night i watched 4 Episodes of my Favorite TV show.
  • Watched "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"
    • Linda Joy
      That's a funny show!
  • i was hanging out at the church last night
  • Slept, same thing I do every night. I'm early to bed and early to rise.
  • The same thing we do every night, Pinky...
  • same as tonight, watch TV
  • Changed oil in my 8320 April 06 2022

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