• Consider influencer marketing as an alternative way to generate leads for B2B software. Today, key influencers drive the majority of the purchasing decisions. Knowing who they are, and how to use their powerful personas to bring awareness to your own brand is the fastest way to increase sales. Savvy startups have already adopted this powerful marketing medium to increase their profits. Here is how a basic process of approaching an influencer looks like: Phase 1: Identifying There are many tools available for finding the most prominent faces in your niche. These include BuzzSumo, Little Bird, Klout, or just Google. Phase 2: Getting noticed Promoting their content to your own followers, or mentioning them in content that you create is a great way to do this. Phase 3: Relationship building Start a conversation. Engage with them, so that you get noticed and form a connection. Phase 4: Working together Offer influencers an opportunity to partner with you to promote your product in exchange for some kind of reward. Often, this is a free product that they can test, review, and keep. Some may need monetary compensation. A well thought out influncer marketing campaign can prove to be very lucrative in the end.

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