• You left the tumble dryer on again, silly......
  • Telstar.
  • 4-8-2017 Obviously you have a twisted mind!
    • beaker95
      Yes, very good. Pat yourself on the back.....
  • Some dreams are your subconscious trying to tell you something. Most are random bits though. But all use symbolism that your mind conjured up, so you actually do know what they're about. The key in decoding them is to go with your first thought, ..because thinking about it takes you away from what you know.
    • beaker95
      Do you dream of naked Canadian sheep, being hooked off the stage, whilst your pants are blown off in the wind......?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      No, never (except for that one time). ..Mostly I have dreams about being on a train going into a tunnel, or laying pipe, or that I'm a fine Cuban cigar being unwrapped. Or that Little Bo Peep finally found her lost mind about that one. I was just dreaming about being a good Samaritan that night. Yea, that was it. "ma-a-a-a-ah!" Shhh! Quiet. Not now!

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