• I think "oh, no, not another day"....
    • Dustysoul
      After that?
    • beaker95
      I pee, clean my teeth, scratch my balls, wash my hair, get dressed, let the pooch out, feed the pooch, watch TV, fiddle with my laptop, eat, drink, undress, pee, clean my teeth, pleasure myself, sleep.......
  • First think I do is scratch my balls. Wakey-wakey, fellas.
    • beaker95
      Hey, so I am not as weird as I thought. Fancy a swim....?
  • Pee, make coffee, feed cat, sit at computer and stay there for ten hours, till I can go to the couch and watch tv and sleep,,,, and do it all again.
    • beaker95
      Are we twins....? or (are we the same person)...??
  • Urinate (not standing up tho) sometimes eating is a priority. Then I usually go to my phone to see what day it is, if I have appointments, etc Before I'm standing (sometimes before I'm awake) I take my first medication n hydrate. Then after waking I stretch and assess my pain, sometimes I pray too often not...

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