• Is the Pope muslim....?
  • I might just be here with the Ice Man cometh back, yep.
    • Azlotto
      Hi, Mrs. C.
    • Mrs. C
      Hi Az!! Nice to see you
  • Unknown - even to me.
  • See us next week MAYBE? :| Hmm.... Okay we'll still be here, but we wont have as much fun this week. (Unless we do, in which case we'll lie to you when you get back, about how desolate the place became, just before the raucous partying began after you left. Erm, I mean DIDN'T begin after you left. *blink* Yea that's what I meant. I think. What was the question? .."Shh! Quiet you guys, he's not gone yet." *drinks being poured* * girls giggling* *Techno music at high volume with soul-rattling bass*
    • beaker95
      I'm going to rob his trailer....just for a laugh....hehehe....
    • Ice man
      You won't be laughing when the Rottweiler gets done with you ! : )
    • beaker95
      You probably should not refer to your new lady friend in this way......
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      ROFL yay! I thought the aliens had gotten you beaker! I got out my tin foil hat, and was looking for something to have Captain Meow sniff, so he could go hunt for what was left of you (um after Donald Trumps' brown shirts got through with you for...oh, I do have an over-active imagination by the way (just sayin) But you have no followers anymore! Did you see that? (It's another AB glitch. I looked at your profile, to maybe see why you no longer appear in my following list, and all your loyal minions have left you! (The only one following you currently is yourself)(Can you really do that?) (*This problem changes from moment to moment I noticed) Uh oh, Captain Meow is straining at the leash. I will have to let him loose now. (Once he gets a whiff of comedian, there's no holding him back. He's gonna find you. And jump on you. And lick your face (well, it isn't like he's mean or anything).
    • beaker95
      No one ever followed me on here anyway. Like no one ever wanted to be my friend in real life. Like everyone hates me and wants me dead. That's it, I've had enough. Goodbye cruel world......
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      No no! Wait. That rope's not strong enough, I mean no noes...Captain Meow likes you! Don't jump! We haven't got the camera ready yet. (oops) (again) um, yea, don't!
    • beaker95
      It's no good pleading with me....I am going to do it now.....nothing you can say will make it right.....this is not a cry for can have my twenty million in the off-shore account....
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Captain Meow will catch you! (He can fly you know) (Did I forget to mention that?) (He's a caped flying superhero type cat. And he will scoop you out of your fall from the building and place you gently down on the lap of a fine young $500-type prostitute with a drink in each hand, and *drops cat* ..twenty million did you say?
  • Yes, I'll be here if this site is still alive...Stay safe and keep that rig between the ditches.
  • You work on Saturday after 5pm?
    • Ice man
      Yes, I'm a long haul trucker. Never know when I have to leave and never really sure when I'll get back. That's life on the road.
  • If I'm still living I'll be here for you Iceman!

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