• Artificial intelligence is the art of make a computer make decisions based in something. Recently, the most famous subject of artificial intelligence is deep learning, which is the technique of build artificial neural networks(a kind of "simulation" of human brain functions) using math and numerical optimization. Today, AI is present in a lot of places, as a example, if you search the word "forum" in the Google to find a place to make this question, was an AI who decided what was relevant for you...
  • never heard of it
  • What has been called artificial intelligence and neural learning is just a large database of word patterns, customized for various specialties such as legal, medical and law enforcement. You'll notice that the sentient robots in recent fiction all depend on a gimmick to make them intelligent by a human definition. Far from animating a machine with human ability, such as Maria in "Metropolis," (1927) or "Chappie," (2015) our best effort at creating an artificial companion is no better than Woody Allen's robot dog from "Sleeper," (1973) nothing more than a mimic.
  • It is an oxymoron as "intelligence" cannot be "artificial" and can only be biological - even the quantum computer cannot compete with the human mind that made it. But answering your question, A.I is basically in two types. "narrow" and "general" Almost all of te A.I. is "of the N type. There have been no developments in the G type (which is what you would think "Skynet" type). Thus in essence all A.I. is consists of a dataset and parameters. You could call it a glorified program tool.
  • It's demons being allowed to control humanity.

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