• but one should give a try also.
    • Myang
      oh. maybe
  • That some things are fated to be and unavoidable. Not all things, just some. I'm reminded of the story - Appointment in Samatra -. A man was shopping in Damascus when he spotted the spector of Death across the market seeming to becon to him. Frightened, he mounted his horse and rode all day to get as far away as possible. Making it to his home in Samatra he began to settle into his evening when a knock came at the door. He answered it and upon answering the door he found Death on the other side. The man said he had run from him in Damascus because he saw him beconing him at the market. Death replied, "I was not beconing you. I was just surprised to see you in Demascus since I knew we had an appointment for here in Samatra tonight.
    • Myang
      Oh. that's funny horrible for me. I've researched it, is it Apointment in Samarra?
    • Anoname
      Yea, I knew I got the name of the place spelled wrong. Couldn't recall the places name so I made up one that would sound similar - knowing someone would catch the error. I never mind mis-spelling as long as the point is understood and gets across.
    • Myang
      yeah.. you're great about that ;D so close. what im referreing to funny horrible is all about the movie you've said.. :D
    • Anoname
      They made a movie about that story? I didn't know.
  • For the most part - yes. It's called "fate".
  • Agreed.

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