• No there isn't.
  • 3-22-2017 Millions of motels and restaurants were forced out of business because the federal government built freeways that forced all the traffic to go someplace else.
  • Aunt Betty's Heroin Hut....
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Aw, that closed!!? Shlt! Now where do I go for Captain Meow's stuff? Man!! *plods off muttering and plotting revolution*
  • Don't listen to republicans. They tell evil lies, to get away with stealing your money and power (and as a result, your happiness)...all so they can have more money they don't even need! "De-regulation" is NOT a good thing. It actually only means "legalizing corporate crime". If there's a regulation, trust me, there was a reason for making it. A reason of protecting YOU, democracy and even the market itself, from undue harm.
  • Yes. Heilotherm that made thermal-solar panels. When Reagan became president, shortly thereafter all the solar incentives were reversed, and some small solar companies went bankrupt. A shame.
  • You could find a lengthy history of businesses that ended with the onset of new legislation, but it's not necessarily sinister, it's just that things change (technology and such) and so we make - for instance - legally binding decisions about which new method of a new emerging technology will become the standard way of doing it. (When VCR's were introduced, for instance, there were two competing versions of how to build them, Beta Max and VHS. Beta Max lost. VHS was officially adopted as standard, and so Beta Max disappeared (that's not the name of a company though, but there were companies who had invested, and they had to give up and do something else). Similarly, we had to decide whether to make square pixels or round pixels the standard for digital there were winners and losers in that field. We broke up Bell Telephone, which owned the whole phone industry and had no competitors at all - because that's something the US has laws against (being a monopoly like that), because monopolies are harmful to an economy, rather than sources of growth and freedom for new things to happen (it's more like communism than free market capitalism). We broke up the oil monopoly that developed in the late 19th century for the same reasons. Also I bet you could find MANY examples of companies that collapsed under the additional costs imposed on them, when tougher pollution laws were passed (this is exactly why republicans tell lies about the environment NOT being affected by industry. But to place profit ahead of the welfare of the whole planet're looking at rich people who can make money if they can break laws, versus a society needing to MAKE laws to protect itself from business owners cutting too many corners on safety, or failing to be careful enough, etc. It's a battle that's been ongoing for a long time. ...But we really do have to make rules about how things will be done, or else we'd have chaos, and it wouldn't work. (Example: when electricity was new, the country was littered end to end with all these new "electric companies", but they were all wiring things differently from each other, because there was no STANDARD WAY established to follow, and so a product bought to work in New Jersey, couldn't be used in New York, that kind of problem ensued. Thus - so that we could know HOW to make things so they'd work anywhere (by being compatible with how electric power is supplied everywhere) we made REGULATIONS to impose a standard for all to follow. I don't think even a hardcore rich guy would tell you that's bad. They know we need rules. But too often they will try to weasel out of any that take away from them making even more profit by doing things in harmful ways, so we make regulations and have to fight against disinformation campaigns they run to try and counter reality and get that extra profit back. ...Mr Pants would feel better if rich people just had a conscience and didn't need to be told not to do wrong. But such is the human condition and the condition of our society as it currently is.
  • Yes there are legion. For example- new legislation outlawed slavery in the United States. The Slave Trade suffered as a result.

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