• Have a physical checkup, let your doctor know.
    • Myang
      ow. i'm experiencing anorexia.
  • Drink beer. Lots and lots of beer. After the correct amount, it will make you sleepy (and drunk too) lol. After a while, when you get really good at it - just like magic - you will gain weight too. : )
    • Myang
      Do i need to drink beer whenever having a hard time sleeping? That might make my tummy bloated. :D
  • 3-15-2017 Study some books about nutrition. Take calcium pills and warm milk at bed time. Best sleeper you can get. Get a two liter pop bottle and make ginger beer to perk up your appetite.*
    • Myang
      Thanks for this! i appreciate.
  • Nothing wrong with being thin as long as you are in good health. However having no appetite does not indicate good health. You could be depressed and fearful or perhaps have killed your appetite by industrial and fast food or sweets and soft drinks. Best to be active and interested in what you are doing, eat whole foods and chew thoroughly, get plenty of fresh air and exercise and then you will have an appetite as well as being able to sleep soundly when you want to. But is it possible you want to get to sleep early to avoid the world around you? If so not good.
    • Myang
      ow that crap fast foods. i love them . about sleeping. I want to sleep because I'm tired and really sleepy (you have an unexpected shocking good question) :D but like what i've said. I can't sleep easily
  • Consult a professional, or use doctor recommended supplements to assist your body mass.
    • Myang
      i go for the supplements. :)
  • Have your thyroid checked.

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