• Something smells fishy in Denmark. You have to ask yourself a few questions here. Do you pay rent and bills in your current living arrangement ? If so, you have every right to stay put. If she is 38 - how old is her "father"? Somewhere between 56 and 76 ? If so, then what possible reason could she have for you not to meet him ? Why are you not permitted to have any contact with her for 3 weeks ? What about her son and the room mate, do they have to get out too ? If not, why is it just you and not them as well ? Are you sure the guy who just got out of jail is actually an old boyfriend and not her husband ? There are things that she wants to hide and she is trying to deceive you, that much is clear. You should confront her with these questions and tell her you're not going anywhere. She will either calmly tell you the truth and you two will weather the storm together, or she'll freakout and lie some more. Her reaction will tell you whether she's been lying about everything & using you. If so, it's time to grab your stuff and move out for good. Good luck.
  • Doesn't make sense. Why would you not be able to see each other or you meet him?
  • maybe she thinks her dad wont like you and is just trying to protect you from him

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