• I didn't know about it. Are the organic bananas the real deal?
    • Ice man
      I'm not sure, but that's exactly what got me wondering.
  • No. Though I would not buy bananas anyway so would not be a problem. I don't think you can tell unless it says "non-GMO" or "organic" although with the latter the seeds could be genetically modified and it could still be considered as "organic" though would not be "certified organic".
    • Ice man
      Thanks. That clears things up.... I think. ; )
  • 3-7-2017 All bananas are genetically modified. They always have been. Didn't you ever notice there are no seeds? A natural banana tastes and feels like soft wood.
    • Ice man
      Okay, that makes sense. I don't remember them tasting any different from when I was a child, but I do remember them having little black things through the center of the banana. I assumed those were the seeds, but you're right - I didn't see them in the banana I just ate, I even cut it with a knife just to make sure. Thanks.
    • Jewels Vern
      That is because the bananas you get now are not the same strain as the ones they used to grow. They had to manufacture a new strain because of some genetic disease or something. All bananas on the market are cloned.
  • There is a way to tell. You can identify what kind by their code numbers (usually on the sticker). sorry dont remember which ones are which.
    • Ice man
      Thank you. Your answer sent me on a quest for more knowledge, and what I found out was that Jewels & yourself are both right. The following is the translation for those Cavendish banana sticker code numbers, grown anywhere - Conventionally grown banana: #4011 Organically grown banana: #94011 Genetically Modified banana: #84011

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