• I just came back and am shocked at how different things are. My status is back to zero and my Avatar was removed. Bummer.
    • carbonproduct
  • "All" of them? Doubt that would happen. Some will hear through the grapevine that AB is back and will want to look into it. Others we can tell if we know them personally or through other sites like Answermug etc. But it is the posters who keep people coming back. Hard for me to even conceive of a site that would as scintillating and encouraging as AB in say 2009 to 2012. Because the people on it made it so. Later there was more negativity and as the people became fewer in number seems like we all expected too much of each other like we were expecting each other to be like people who had left and we missed. I became too personally involved and less objective and my feeling too easily hurt and guess I too easily hurt others who were looking to me to be something I am not because that is what they needed me to be. I left about a month or so before they pulled the plug on the former site and although I missed certain friends I hardly even thought about AB for over a year. And felt actually much less burdened without it. Has been sort of fun to be among the few since Oct or Nov and goodness I have even made the "leaderboard" a few times which I never did in six years before. There are some people I would not want to see back on here. But I think all must understand though it is the same site it is not the same AB and what happened on the former site , how it was run, accounts and points etc. - are gone, in the past. It is an essentially different site.
  • I think some might stumble on the fact that answer bag is sort of back in that the site is named the same as the old site minus the platform. I hope most of them come back. I miss my friends. ;(
    • Ice man
      I agree. I miss a lot of them too.
    • Zack - Mr. GenXer
  • Get naked.
    • Ice man
      Yes, that works well too. : )
  • Go through a bunch of the oldest questions and just comment on them "please come back old member, PLEASE!" That could work :)
  • Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll. Chips, dips, chains, whips.
  • You go to the other site to message them. Don't put it in the main thread of set website. It'll look like you're spamming.
  • 3-4-2017 Same as the best way to get new members: pretend to be friendly. What often happens is that a small band of members decide they don't like somebody and they hound him/her until they give up and go someplace else. That is the most common reason for a forum to die. Your first clue that you have found such a site is a downvote option on posts.
    • AnonymousGirl
      That's sad :(
  • Yes I don't care for this site
  • Adding a feedback button and getting our avatars fixed will be an improvement.
  • 2017 where are these GOOMBAS getting this material that's a fucking long time ago April 24 2022
  • Make the changes we've told you to implement.

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