• Hey friend you said youre feeling lonely.Well i jist wanted you to knkw first of all that i am your friend. Remember also that God is here always and wants to help you. You said youre worried about not having a husband and i say to you: dont be afraid of that. There are many great women who live unmarried, like st. Joan of arc and otbers which lived lives as hermittes's or in cloistures who have done so much world and had great joy. Infact life without a spouse is better. It allows you to serve God better, thats why i intend to take on a life as a hermit. Dont let your horoscope define who you are. You can be something greater than whatever a medium says you are. You are a child of the God of thd unjverse. He decides who you are, not some paragraph in the newspapef. Be free and flee to God and your life will be filled with happiness and all good things.

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